Ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes of the bagel business?

As an experienced bakery insider, I’ve got the scoop on all the secrets and tricks of the trade. But for now, I must remain… the Unknown Bagel Chef.

unknown bagel chef
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Have you ever had a job where you learned a lot about an industry? That’s me with the Bagel business. I’ve worked in bakeries for so long and learned all the in’s and out’s — along with the nice little trade secrets. Yet I can’t jeopardize my work by placing myself directly onto the internet.

Hence… the Unknown Bagel Chef. Until I quit this current job (and someday soon I will because I’m getting older), I’ll just keep providing information to help others enjoy great bagels.

With over a decade of service under my belt, I’ve participated and supplied mouthwatering bagels to local grocery stores, health food shops and top specialty retailers – you name it. You’ll be surprised to learn where your favorite bagel spot sources these tasty doughy delights.

About 30 years ago, the place where I work opened up as a family business. And they have a large family with everyone being so nice to me all these years.

One day, I’ll say who it is … you might have already correctly guessed the shop if you happen to think of a family that has 7 kids in this business. It’s quite a family tradition that focuses on quality and taste.

Their unwavering dedication to quality and taste is a tradition I’m eager to share with you.

I’m thrilled to share with you these bagel recipes and expert craftsmanship with fellow bagel enthusiasts nationwide. I firmly believe that no matter where you live, a fresh scrumptious New York-style bagel should always be within reach.

Plus… with this newfound anonymity, I can offer a little more sarcasm and humor on this website — and that’ll be a great outlet for me compared to the usual serious daily grind.

So there you have it… my bagel bio. I promise it’ll get better. Keep checking back as I’ll be revealing insider tips, unique recipes and expert techniques to help you bring the scrumptious taste of the New York bagel to your doorstep — no matter where you are.

A little bit of history… the original New York Bagel Deli opened it’s doors April of 1996 to rave reviews and became an icon of Miami Beach. 

New York Bagel Deli had what no other bagel place had — and that was the secret to its success. From the Rosemary and Cheese Bagel to the Mediterranean Bagel nothing was ordinary. With over sixteen different bagel types and 20 different Cream Cheese toppings the fun was always to be had. They featured a South West Lime spread, and a Sun-dried Tomato spread, or their specialty was the Artichoke spread; so many good choices.
Then they expanded to offer a full service Juice Bar including Wheat Grass and a Fresh Fruit Smoothie Station.

The Salad Bar at New York Bagel Deli was impressive — from the Oriental Chicken Salad to the Medeterranean Salad — everything was delicious.

Then Covid hit and the entire world changed. No longer could a salad bar operate in a covid world. Between closures and supply shortages, it came time to pivot the website.

Enter the online world of service and information.

As the pandemic raged on, New York Bagel Deli.com rose to the challenge, adapting to the ever-changing landscape. Embracing the digital revolution, there was a transition for exceptional bagel and cream cheese offerings to an online platform, ensuring customers could still indulge in bagel treats from the safety and privacy of their homes.

The unwavering commitment to quality and taste prevailed as the beloved bagel continues to thrive.

Now New York Bagel Deli.com is poised to take the online world by storm, sharing mouthwatering creations, unique flavor combinations and expert bagel-making tips — with a wider audience than ever before.

Watch as we navigate a new chapter, with a passion for delivering exceptional bagels and impeccable service at the heart of everything.

Whether you’re craving a fresh, delicious bagel or looking to level up your own baking skills, New York Bagel Deli is your one-stop destination for all things bagel.

Get ready to dive into the world of bagel mastery my friends! #BagelSecrets

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