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Whether you prefer a little sweet (or salty) or a bit of everything that works well for you, bagels are amazing fillers for affordable, yummy, and satisfying meals for many Americans.

It’s a no-brainer that New York holds the first position in all categories of bagels since it’s the prime choice of breakfast in the city. 

The U.S. was introduced to bagels towards the end of the 1800s with European immigrants moving into New York. The “City That Never Sleeps” has the highest density of Jewish Americans among all major cities in America.

As a result, there’s a high demand for premium-quality and authentic bagels.

But where can you find the best shops for bagels and deli’s? Let’s find out. 

Homewood Bagel Company

This bagel deli shop has earned the loyalty of many bagel lovers by presenting their authentic New York-styled bread at various locations across the town. At present, Homewood Bagel Company eager fans are flocking to the brand-new shop and their offerings run out of stock almost every day.

According to regular users, if you truly wish to taste those bagels, you need to run as walking won’t get you there. 

The Bagel Shop

The Bagel Shop is famous for its handmade bagels and fresh wild salmon lox. The founders of the bagel deli are real-life partners and they have teamed up in selling their lip-smacking bagels to local markets. And they opened their shop within a short time. People working here enjoy their work and they do it well. 

Biff’s Bagels

Biff’s Bagels … Do you know that the owner of this bagel deli shop has named it after his dog? You will be welcomed by a broad array of spreads, delis, and bagels. Moreover, you will love the creative drinks and sandwich specials. What’s more interesting is that the walls of the shop are studded with the customers’ pictures of their four-legged friends. Isn’t it cute? 

Ozark Mountain Bagel Co.

The motto of Ozark Mountain Bagel Company bagel deli shop would inspire you to spread joy, love, and loads of cream cheese. The glowing reviews of the consumers tell you a lot about the quality and taste of the bagels and other bread. Some day you must drop in for breakfast or brunch to try the authentic New York-style bagels with the choicest sandwich or spread. 

Beauty’s Bagel Shop

Do you love to enjoy the bagels served in Montreal? A delicious and unexpected treat awaits you at Beauty’s Bagel Shop in Oakland. Many reader polls, as well as articles, have hailed the shop as the best in town. The food served here is made with organic harvest and baked fresh in batches as per the requirements. This means you can have fresh bagels baked in a wood-fired oven. 

Village Bagel

The founders of this bagel deli shop had come to Colorado owing to their passion for bagels. Since she was brought up by having bagels and the customers eating here regularly agree that the top-class loaves of bread are served here.

The bagels and delis served here are made in conventional procedure meaning each one is hand-rolled, then boiled to perfection before it is put to bake. You can have them with schmears such as hatch green chili or cornered beef or smoked salmon. 

Shef’s Bagels

The specialty of this bagel shop lies in its immense variety and each item is prepared and served perfectly. If you are a fan of water bagels, then you must stop by to taste these items made by hand. There are hordes of flavors to choose from which include egg, spinach, French toast, and a lot of others. You can come here for breakfast, brunch, or even lunch.

The most popular options are egg, onion, ham and pepper sandwiches. 

Surf Bagel and Deli

The name behind this wonderful bagel and deli shop is quite striking. The person behind this creative store has beautifully blended two passions when he started it almost two decades ago. He immensely loved surfing and authentic bagels.

When you enter the shop, you will be welcomed by a cool and beach-vibe and the taste and quality of the bagels are beyond perfection. The combination that you get here every time would include a chewy and crispy crust that houses an ultra-soft interior. And the best part – you can choose from 23 varieties which also include coconut. 

Bagel Snack

The bagels here are made in an authentic and traditional way: the dough is prepared from scratch, hand-rolled, boiled and finally baked. This New York-styled store has long been a favorite among bagel lovers in the town. The shop founded in the early 1970s serves the best bagel with cream and lox, cheese slices, and pork rolls. According to many, bialys here are the most perfect in Florida. 


Do you have a T-Rex-sized hunger for delis and bagels? This bakery in Cambridge is not even 10 years old but it has become famous for hand-rolled and slow-fermented bagels.

You can try the conventional flavors such as Everything and Salt along with special ones like Chocolate Chip Pretzels or Black Olives. 

Bagelsaurus features fresh and traditional bagels are highly satisfying and filling. You can get various kinds of accompaniments such as thick schmears, high-piled tomatoes, lox, capers, and red onions. You can try the whole range of sandwiches and a lot of others that you can take home to enjoy with friends and family. 

The Bottom Line

Do you love a bagel toasted — or want it simply smeared with some blueberries and cinnamon? Whatever your choice is, you will have no trouble finding the best bagel deli shop in the iconic place.

Some people may mislead you by saying you that you’ll never find kosher bagels outside New York, that you need to find a genuine NY bagel & deli shop. But don’t believe them.

When you explore all the possibilities, you’ll realize that this opinion could be highly flawed. You’ve read our handpicked choices for some of the nation’s best bagel makers who are celebrated for being pioneers in introducing their unique creativity into these fantastic ring-shaped masterpieces of bread. 

If you’re looking for NY Bagel & Deli Shop, click here.

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